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TheraPro's New Acupuncture Mat for STRESS relief, NECK/BACK PAIN relief, and MIGRAINE relief

Activates the nervous system, allowing you to relax deeply in natural healing.

TheraPro acupuncture mats are lightweight and portable for easy storage and travel. Perfect for use anytime anywhere.

Immerse Into TheraPro's Acupuncture Technology

Why live with pain, stress, and constant tension when there are options as simple as this!


Needed to relax so bad but did not wanna pay the price. Thankyou guys now i have endless massages.

Katie H.

I was definitely surprised by the overall look and feel of this thing for the price. 10 out of 10 i recommend this product

John Fiorte

To all the parents out there stressed out by your kids all day. Buy this and use at night. you'll become a different person.


Happy customer

Fred B.

this is a super mat. felt like the real deal! well worth the money :)

Leah S.